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Articles pertaining to your reports

article Bounced vs. Undelivered Messages
Your report separates messages that did not...

  11-12-2009    Views: 20294   
article Clicks Vs. Views
When you are reviewing your reporting Clicks...

  11-12-2009    Views: 19668   
article Google Analytics Integration
A Brief Description of Google™ Analytics...

  3-19-2009    Views: 33427   
article What Are Custom Reports?

(No rating)  3-29-2013    Views: 24581   
article What Filtering Criteria is Available on Custom Reports

(No rating)  3-29-2013    Views: 20474   
article Why do I have clicks but no views?
When you send a blast you may notice that...

(No rating)  11-12-2009    Views: 19267   
article Why don't I have any statistics in my reports?
There are a few core reasons why there are no...

(No rating)  11-12-2009    Views: 31916   

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