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Articles pertaining to the use of triggers

article How do I create a Trigger?
Triggers allow you to send e-mail to your...

  4-14-2009    Views: 43676   
article How Do I Disable an Existing Trigger?
1) Click "Create/Send"  

  4-14-2009    Views: 21506   
article How Do I Review Reports on Messages Sent via Triggers?
Reporting for messages sent via trigger are...

(No rating)  4-14-2009    Views: 36909   
article How Do I Set a Trigger to Disable Itself?
There are times when you want a trigger to turn...

(No rating)  4-14-2009    Views: 22034   
article Why Isn't my Triggered Email Being Sent?
There are a number of common issues that...

(No rating)  4-14-2009    Views: 32786   

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