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Why Was My Email Rejected?

There are a number of reasons an e-mail blast may be rejected. If your message was not CAN-SPAM compliant or if it violated our Terms of Service our support staff would have rejected that e-mail after reviewing it. In these cases you will receive an e-mail message notifying you of the rejection and the reason behind it. The following are the more common reasons e-mail blasts are rejected.

Message failed CAN-SPAM act compliance

Verify your e-mail includes a relevant subject line, a full physical mailing address (PO Boxes are acceptable), and our unsubscribe link. The mailing address and unsubscribe link must be clearly visible. If any of these are missing your message will be rejected. Full detail on the CAN-SPAM act can be found here: 


You are sending to too many people on your first blast

In an effort to improve your long term delivery rates we will reject your initial messages if you are sending to more than 10,000 contacts. This is because we provide you with a unique IP address and it has a neutral reputation score with ISPs and mail providers. If you send to too many addresses with a neutral IP your message has a much higher chance of being filtered. Break your list up and send to a smaller segment. Then a few days later send to twice as many entries. Repeat this process until you are sending to your whole list at once.

If you prefer to not worry about this reply to the e-mail you receive stating why your blast was rejected and reschedule. We will send it out but it is at your own risk.


We suspect you've included a purchased mailing list

If your mailing list includes known SPAM traps or addresses that don't appear that they likely would have been used to opt-in to advertising (craigslist anonymous addresses for example) we will reject the message.

Your message includes content that violates our terms of service

Some content (both subject and body content) cannot be sent through us under any circumstances. This includes the following but is not limited to:

  • gambling
  • betting
  • lead sales
  • pornography/adult content
  • pharmaceuticals
  • promotion or sale of products or services that are deemed unlawful within the United States
  • work-at-home offers promoting "get rich quick", "build your wealth" and "financial independence" offerings


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