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How do I upload images?

Your images can be stored on the Email System's Image Manager and later linked to your email campaigns. The following steps will walk you through upload the images to Email System:

1) In your Email System account click on the 'Create/Send' tab or on the 'Compose an E-mail' link.

2) Click on the 'Create E-mail' button.

3) Choose to create an 'HTML and Text' email and click on the 'Continue' button located on the bottom of the page.

4) Choose to build an email yourself and click on continue.



5) Now you will be able to open the Image Manager application by clicking on the 'Add Image' link under the 'HTML' tab or



5a) by clicking on the 'Insert/edit image' icon in the 'Visual Editor' tab.



5b) Note: If you decide to use the 'Insert/edit image' icon you will also need to click on the 'Browse' button in the 'Insert/edit image' Box.



6) You are now connected to the 'Image Manager'. Click on the 'Upload' button to locate and upload your image.


Use the 'Browse' button to locate your image on your local computer, then click on the 'Upload' button to add that image to your Image Manager.

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